DIY Used Shipping Wooden Pallet Ideas

Recycling old used wood pallets to make different kind of furniture in economic and inexpensive way is a desirable and wonderful idea for everyone. We need very little skills and expertise to craft these wonderfully amazing creation for your decor purposes or your utility needs. Crafting re-transformed wood pallet furniture is always creative and a fun activity for your leisure time and weekends. We are privileged to customize its size and its design that fulfills our needs. You have vast choice among so many different kind of furniture ranging from your garden chairs to your bedroom cabinets and wall decors. Below are some fantastic furniture remaking ideas.

This reclaimed pallet wood entryway table with seat is a classic furniture idea. You can craft this diverse furniture with some simple to follow steps. Two cabinets accommodating several shelves and a seat in between the cabinets gives a lot of variety to its design and utility. pallets entryway table with seat idea

Give your visitors a unique reception by placing this sober recycled pallet wood hallway furniture in your entryway. It gives a classic look to your home. You can hang your belongings and place your goods at the shelves. Customize the style of your furniture to your own will and wish.pallets wooden hallway tree

This re-purposed pallet wood bed gives your room a rustic look. Its different in its design. The side tables and the bed are one piece and the headlong is attached to give a wider look. You are privileged to paint it with your favorite color to make it look like the way you want.repurposed pallets bed

This exquisite reclaimed pallet wood coffee table is an admirable effort of the creator. The fine finish of the table gives an idea of how much detailed attention has been paid to this work. Same sized small pallets are stacked up so neatly to give it such a fantastic look.

We are always concerned about how our home looks when someone enters it. This is one of the ideas among so many that we have presented here. This reused pallet wood entryway table giving a rustic look to your home and also serving a utility to place your goods on it and your shoes inside the cabinet.recycled pallets entrance way table plan

This re-transformed rustic pallet wood TV stand is something you will love spending time to craft. Its slim and smart design gives your room stunning looks. You are having enough space at the top of the table to place your extra belongings and utilize the cabinets to your advantage.pallets rustic tv stand idea

This pallet wood decor shelve is giving some pure rustic looks to give your room a different taste altogether. Its extra classic with the balance provided by its two different sized shelves with enough space between them to accommodate a tree branch. An idea worth giving a try.
pallets wood rustic decor shelf

Here we go with another out door furniture that complements your garden. This reclaimed wood pallet patio garden pot stand accommodates dozens of planters on its different shelves. The visitors will be stunned to see the great decor idea.
pallets made garden pots stand

Give your parrot its own house and your garden a decoration idea by creating this DIY re-purposed pallet wood bird house. The only thing that a garden must love to have is this little beautiful house. You can paint it your way to give your desired looks. This economical idea takes little effort and time. diy wooden pallets bird plan

Give your outdoor space another gift by crafting this classic reused pallet wood bar. This is an amazing bar with different shades to its front side and enough space on the top to place your beverages and glass. Its small in size to give your garden more vast looks.
pallets wooden patio bar


wooden pallets dog house

Recycled pallet vertical planter is again a fresh and novel idea that enhances the beauty of your entryway or outer space. Vertically placed planters gives a rich look to your visitors and yourself as well. An idea worth giving a try.

pallets vertical planter idea
Created & Shared by: Oskar Amaro

Reclaimed pallet wood bed with a classic headlong is a gift for your bed room. The specialty of this craft is that the more its simple , the higher its class becomes. The headlong has multiple natural colors and all are so sober. lovely !

repurposed pallets wooden bed
Created & Shared by: Coastal Pallet Furniture

Re-purposed pallet wood kitchen ideas are so classic here. Equip your kitchen with as many drawers and cabinets as you want with inexpensive retired pallet woods. It changes an overall look and style of your kitchen.

repurposed pallets kitchen idea
Created & Shared by: Edson Milani

Reclaimed wood pallet wall decor idea gives a rustic environment to your urban place. Such a powerful effect it has on its surroundings. Simple rectangular boxes are vertically placed with some distance to give your wall a unique pattern. The branches are pasted inside the boxes to sharpen its decor effects.

wood pallets wall decor art
Created & Shared by: Al Nolan

Reused pallet wood TV table is a must to have thing in every house hold. You can customize its size according to your space. This small pallet wood TV table is spacious and very simple to craft with only one shelve for keeping you belongings and one small shelve to keep your remote.

pallets wooden tv stand idea

This re-transformed pallet wood cabinet console gives your room a look rich in style and serves your utility purpose by accommodating so many of your goods in an arranged and organized manner by having so many of cabinets. Would love to have it in my room.

pallets shelving console
Created & Shared by: Quique Lacasa Miguel

This rehashed pallet wood kids bunk out could serve as a Birthday present to your your kid. It is giving variety to your kid use it as a hide out place or play with it. Giving a storage place inside it can serve as a toy basket as well.

kids bunk out of pallets wood
Created & Shared by: Guille DB

Here is a novel ideas of re-transforming your pallet wood to make a colorful swing seat for your children. It gives an entertainment opportunity to your kid, a leg spacer and attached shelve gives a sense of protection. Its an amazing idea.

wood pallets kids swing seat for kids
Created & Shared by: Les meubles de Ben

This recycled wood pallet counter cum bar is a simple to craft art of retired used pallets that serves your needs with economy. The simplicity of this bar gives your modern outer space a classical contrast that looks attractive to everyone.

pallets counter plan
Created & Shared by: Raiz de Pinheiro

Here we see a smart design of a re-transformed pallet wood shelving tree. The design is as simple to implement as placing your wider shelve at the bottom of the tree and following the smaller ones from bottom to top. Place it anywhere in your home for your decor purpose or your storage needs accordingly.

pallets shelving tree
Created & Shared by: Palets & Diseños

We never run out of ideas to give your different look every time. This reused wood pallet bar is one of its kind in its simplicity and class. Can’t elaborate its descriptive features in words. Seeing is believing!

reused pallets wooden bar
Created & Shared by: Luis Caliva

Rehashed pallet wood wall shelving compressed to so small place is a novel idea for you to give your little space too much class. The shelves are so smart and small that you can accommodate your tiny decoration items to give a balance to this overall shelving board.

palles wood shelving art
Created & Shared by: Oskar Amaro

Reshaped pallet wood coffee table is a necessity of every home. Use wood pallets to make a classic coffee table for your living room. You can place your beverages, magazines and small decor items on this wood pallet coffee table to give your space different looks.repurposed pallets wooden coffee table

Recycled wood palled cabinet with shelving is a multipurpose craft that gives your a storage option by placing your belongings on the shelves and also providing your aesthetic sense a ground to play. It improves the looks of your space with varied sizes of shelves.pallets made decor shelving cabinet

We never ran out of ideas for decorating your garden , here is another one with a refurbished wood pallet kids play car. Toddlers can have good time playing with it. You can paint this wood pallet car with different colors to complement your garden.pallets made kids play car

Haven,t you presented your kid with an outdoor toy yet ? Here you go to provide him one with inexpensive recycled pallet wood playhouse. Your kid needs physical activity to grow up well. An ideas that serves you multiple things.pallets made kids playhouse

Tuck your cloths in the shelves or hung them in the hanging space, our re-purposed pallet wood wardrobe serves your with both purposes. Its giving your room a simple and rustic look with a huge customized space for your cloths and belongings. pallets wooden wardrobe idea

This reclaimed pallet wood chest with a lift-able lid and a fine handle is a complete coffer to serve your storage needs. The undivided interior space gives your more storage room. This is worth your time and effort.pallets storage chest idea

Keep your hygiene products in a safe place by crafting a space saver pallet wood bathroom cabinet with shelving. Leaving a space on the top of the cabinet could be a good idea to place your planters. An idea that helps you stay healthy.pallets storage cabinet for bathroom

Give your garden a new flavor with re-transformed wood pallet garden furniture. The simple you keep the more it complements your open air environment with giving a rustic feeling. Add a variety to it by crafting a multi seater chair along with a standard one with a table.pallets recycled patio furniture

The item given below is a multi purpose kitchen furniture.It is a pallets patio bbq island. It has been crafted in a very artistic manner. The upper portion containing stove is showing a modern look where as the lower portion is giving it an antique look. This re-proposed item enhances the decor of your place.

pallets patio bbq island
Created & Shared by: Patrick Steensels

This time the used wooden pallets are being used to make a bunk bed. smoothly designed bunk bed increases the beauty of interior decoration. It looks comfortable and space saving furniture. The side wooden pallets act as stairs. The underneath area of the bed can be utilized to place toys.

bunk bed made with pallets wood
Created & Shared by: Grip Stefan

Here we go with another artistic idea of delicately crafted wood pallet patio bench. Recycling the unused retire wood pallets to create such an art is worthy of your time and effort. The center wider rest of the bench enhances its beauty as well as giving you a place to place your coffee cup during your chit-chats.

recycled pallets patio bench idea
Created & Shared by: Erik Marquez

We don’t run out of ideas while reusing the pallets to make a different thing every-time.  Customize the looks of your office with such control is only possible if you could create the furniture by yourself to serve you the exact purpose for its utility and looks. Reclaimed wood pallet office table is an example of this.

pallets wooden made office table
Created & Shared by: Cecile Buisson

Below is a unique idea of making a bed of your own class by using retired wood pallets. This recycled bed is having a larger headlong in its width to serve a purpose of nightstands only & only when you required it. This is so classy !

repurposed pallets bed plan
Created & Shared by: Alexis Christopher Vasquez Jimenez

This recycled wooden pallet console is a different idea for customizing the looks of your surroundings and offering yourself a utility. You can fix your LED in the center of the console and still have enough space to accommodate for your speakers  and any other item you want to be displayed at the console. The drawers are adding to its utility and style.

wooden pallets console


pallets made counter table idea
Created & Shared by: Edson Milani

Why not make yourself a patio wood pallet bench and wall planters to enhance the beauty of your outer place. The bench is unique in its style and gives a different look to your garden or entryway. The recycled planters are serving the right purpose for your wall decor.

wood pallet patio bench and wall decor planters
Created & Shared by: Lizzie Torres

Below is a smart idea for having a rough chair in your garden to give it a rustic look and keep your mind in peace without a worry of any rain or damage to it. This reclaimed wood pallet chair is a good idea for carefree people.

garden chair out of pallets wood
Created & Shared by: Gilles Galandon

Recycled wood pallet serving tray is a most frequently used item in serving your family, friends or guests the beverages. It can accommodate a dozen of cups or glasses with giving you a sense of security by its 4-inch high borders and a rustic look by its unfinished appearance.

pallets wood made serving tray idea
Created & Shared by: Stylo Paolitaa

Command your place in a personalized manner to create a re-purposed Pallet rustic shelving cum hangers of your own style and size. You have the liberty to customize it to place your decoration pieces at a location where you want it be and hang your belongings accordingly. A truly multipurpose utility.

pallets rustic shelving cum hanger ideas
Created & Shared by: ReDiSign

A DIY pallet wood Garden cabin is something every homeowner want to have it in his garden. It serves you storage purpose and a shed for you to enjoy the rain in a more natural environment. It definitely adds to the beauty of your place with adding a class of a rustic look to it.

recycled pallets wooden garden cabin idea
Shared by: Turpin Roynito

Economical renovation to your kitchen by using old, unused wood pallets is a delightful idea. you can recycle these old wood pallets to give your kitchen a rustic look. Try to make the floor of your shelves wooden by reusing wood pallets and design your own kitchen cabinets in an economical manner.

pallets wooden kitchen idea
Created & Shared by: Sergio Arriola Roque


reusing of pallets for flooring
Created & Shared by: Frederic Luneau

Here we go with one of the most handy use of rehashed wooden pallets,  that is wood pallets patio kids play Cabin, useful for indoor healthy activities for your child as well as serving as an eye-catching hut with contrasting colors, white color is complementing the overall dominate yellow color giving it an overall sober look. This one-feet-elevated from ground patio play cabin has a window bordering with white paint making it more prominent along with a multipurpose door.

wood pallets patio kids play cabin
Created & Shared by: Michael Bauer

Wood Pallet entryway table serves dual purpose for both giving a decent look to your entrance as well as working as a utility table on which you can place your items upon it or keep your belongings inside. This recycled wood pallet entryway table gives you a security for your belongings with a little door installed to it.

wood pallet entryway table
Created & Shared by: Or Lia

Re-purposed wooden pallets made furniture set containing two couches one bench and one square table to make it a complete furniture set to host your family member, guests and friends for refreshment. This is giving a fine look of a delicate artistic work of a creature with nice wooden colors sharpening its natural texture.

repurposed wooden pallets made furniture set
Created & Shared by: Efrain Vazquez

Re-purposed wood pallets wall decor shelf is showing the aesthetic sense of the house keeper. The wall decor shelf is an economical idea of placing few raw pallets in a straight and simple manner to make it a complete decoration piece serving as a utility to place your decoration items as well.

repurposed pallets wall decor shelf
Created & Shared by: Ale Merida

Recycled Wood pallet drink Butler with opener is a must thing to keep in your home or office for small parties. This wood pallet Butler accommodates for 6 bottles along with an opener, making it convenient to use. The hole on the top of the wood pallet drink Butler serves for its placing purpose.

wood pallets Drinks Butler with opener
Created & Shared by: Oliver Enke

Re-claimed wood pallet bar is a must thing for your garden and our artistic sense can make this dream come true in as economic manner as this to host a beverage party at your garden with your friends and family. Again a utility item serving as a decor purpose as well as a bar.

wood pallets bar idea
Created & Shared by: Palets & Diseños

These reused wood pallets shelving with hanger provides convenience for hanging your keys, coats as well as placing your decor items. This re-cycled pallets shelving gives a pleasant and sober look with its white color. A small pocket at the bottom-right of the the pallets shelving gives your handy items a safer place as well.

pallets shelving with hanger
Created & Shared by: Chris Rg

Give your open flat area a classic look by reused pallet wooden made garden by these unique and classic ideas. It covers your floor with raw pallets with a specified pattern of making square blocks out of raw pallets on the floor along-with covering the borders of your open space with bigger-in-size painted raw pallets on two parallel sides to give it a corridor look. The small raw pallets are best serving as a fencing , the pallets are incorporating two wooden planter pots.

reused pallets wooden made garden terrace plan
Created & Shared by: Saul Garcia

Transform your raw wood pallets into wooden decor shelf by customizing it to your own need. This economical DIY art work serves you the right purpose for your decoration pieces made with plain raw unfinished pallets assembled in a simple order to make it a complete artwork. You can place your colorful decoration pieces to complement the less colorful background.

pallets wooden decor shelf art
Created & Shared by: Lisa Lustig

Pallet Garden Cabin & Chairs gives a traditional classic look to your garden and also providing a ready-to-use cabin for your summer vacations. A dark grey color of the borders of the cabin makes it more attractive. A table along with two well crafted chairs complement the whole idea. it gives your garden a different & more conventional look.

pallets garden cabin and chairs
Created & Shared by: Esprit Loft Recup

DIY re-transformed wooden pallets planter gives your backyard an urban look and a good addition to your outdoor living style. This low cost pallet project will make your garden look beautiful with limited skills and resources. You can up-cycle the unused pallets to make these useful planters with limited time and resources.

diy wooden pallets planter
Created & Shared by: Stephan Piacenti

Refurbished pallets wooden trunk is another economical idea if you run out of money to buy yourself furniture. The retired pallets are assembled in not-so-crafty manner to make this useful trunk where you can keep your cloths, blankets and other fabric in a compact manner.

recycled pallets wooden trunk
Created & Shared by: Luis Valenzuela Quinzacara

This recycled kids playhouse made with pallet wood is simple and classic with giving your child a safer place to enjoy for as long as he wants. This reclaimed pallet kids playhouse has more windows to make your kids play-area ventilated. A product worth an effort !

kids playhouse made with pallets wood
Created & Shared by: Sebastian Vela

Reclaimed wood pallets kids toy box is a simple DIY art with low cost and little effort. Its very useful idea for the moms who clean up the mess created by their kids time and again keeping toys in place. A useful space to keep your children’s toys in one easy place.

kids toys box out of wood pallets
Created & Shared by: Palettes and so

Turn your raw unused pallets into useful wooden recycled table with little effort and cost and serve your need for seating and serving inside or outside your home. A Dark color gives it a more finished look along-with a square glass on the top of the table.

pallets wooden recycled table idea
Created & Shared by: Muebles en pallets monterrey

Pallet Wooden Garden Furniture idea , up-cycle your retired pallets to given your garden a variety and yourself a sitting place with simple to make Pallet Garden Furniture giving your place a rustic and classic look. Provide your friends with an outdoor seating facility at an economical price.

pallet wooden garden furniture idea
Created & Shared by: Pablo Arredondo
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