70 DIY Pallet Ideas And Projects

Upcycling is not difficult when the person has the skills and the wood pallets are not hectic to reshape, they can be cut into any design to create anything like the furniture and the decoration pieces. We always gather the ideas which can inspire the viewers when they have a look at the handmade thing placed in any home, here we have shown the 25 ways to upcycle the old used wood pallets into the things that are of home use and they can save a huge amount of money as they are not inexpensive.

We are going to show the idea for the outdoor seating first, see the pallets patio terrace and it is not hard to copy because the pallets don’t need to be treated before they are utilized for creating something for the home or business use.

recycled wooden pallets patio terrace
Created & Shared by: Steph Brami

Now have a look at the wall art which is created using the upcycled wood pallets, the idea can be used for adorning any room; but it will be perfect for the TV launch. The pallets of different shades are used for this idea creation or can be painted with the color depending on the theme of the room.

wooden pallets wall art
Created & Shared by: L’atelier d’adri

Here we have presented an idea which will serve both purposes, it will not only decorate the area; but will also allow a place to set the decoration pieces. You can see how this idea will look after the items are set on it.

pallets decor wall shelf
Created & Shared by: Alicia Marrero Baydes

We love to show the items for the kids, so here we have an idea to create patio house cabin for kids for playing. They can set their toys inside the cabin and this color combination is perfect for the girls, it can be created for boys with the green and blue combination.

pallet patio house cabin for kids
Created & Shared by: Pao Jimenez

We like to present the different designs of a single idea to allow the individuals choose the design they like. So, here you can see 2 shelf ideas with different designs and none of them will require much time in completion. Both will look perfect attached in the living room.

rustic pallet shelf


pallets made shelf
Created & Shared by: Michaela Hoffmann

Bed is good to be created at home because it is expensive and creating it at home will allow to add anything extra which is needed like the storage space. There is an idea of repurposed wood pallet made giant bed frame and storage can be added beneath the bed.

wooden pallet giant bed frame
Created & Shared by: Franco Gaston Rodriguez

Here is another idea for the wall art for those who love art and creating the items for the home to make it look impressive. The pallets are not painted because the paint will not make the pallets give the graceful look, so they should be used as they are.

repurposed pallets wall art
Created & Shared by: L’atelier d’adri

There is a need of something to sit outside the home, so here we have added an idea for outdoor bench creation. The bench is for a couple and as many benches can be created as required for seating with the family members or the friends.

repurposed pallets outdoor bench
Created & Shared by: Choute Cémoi

Home is incomplete without a table, so we can never forget to add the idea for creating a reclaimed wood pallet coffee and end tables. The pallets are painted with 3 different colors and are used creatively to make the idea impressive. There is a space beneath the table to place the items.

pallets coffee and end tables
Created & Shared by: Lifestyle Pallets

See the bed with the side table, the headboard idea is unique to make the room look amazing and it is serving the purpose. The idea is awesome to create the bed at home to save the money as the bed is costly to get from the furniture store.

pallets made bed
Created & Shared by: L’atelier d’adri

Now we have shown a bar idea here, it can serve for the home bar purpose as well as the commercial bar to serve the individuals who love to drink. The pallets are neat due to which this idea is also appearing neat even without the paint.

wooden pallet bar
Created & Shared by: Muebles con palets

In the end, we would like to show an idea for the shipping pallet bedroom. The wardrobe idea presented here is awesome because it will not take much money or time for its creation, it is easy to copy. There is a single big drawer and the area to hang the clothes to keep them organized in a perfect way.

pallet wardrobe idea
Created & Shared by: Fernando Sosa

Idea of TV stand because it is the mandatory furniture item in every home and the TV launch is not complete without it, so here is the innovative idea for a TV stand plan which can be created at home with ease.

pallets tv stand plan

Shelf is a great place to adorn a home because the items that need to be placed in a room don’t occupy space, but they decorate the area. See the rustic shelf and copy it if you think it will work well in making a room look attractive.

pallets wooden rustic shelf

Now here is the idea for the person who wants the storage space more than anyone else, this idea is to create a storage drawer cabinet which is of full length of the room. There can be as many drawers as a person wants for the storage purpose.

pallets wooden storage drawers cabinet

Bed is one of the furniture items that are expensive, so it is better to create it at home with the homeowner’s own hands as it will save a huge amount of money. The idea of reclaimed wood pallet bed shown here if copied will impress everyone who sees it and it will make the room look awesome.

recycled pallets bed

A bar can be created at home if there are drinking lovers at home as it will eliminate the requirement of going to a bar every time a person wants to drink, so here is an idea for the bar plan. This idea is perfect for creating a commercial bar as well.

wooden pallet bar plan

Here we are going to show another idea for the bed creation at home, the side table is attached to the bed; so it will not occupy extra space like the side tables occupy and leave a small area for walking behind. The idea is simple to create because the design is not complicated.

wooden pallet bed

We know that there are many people around the world, who like to decorate their home uniquely and like no other home; so we always try to gather the ideas for them like this sink creation idea. It will surely make the area look different and appealing.

wood pallets made sink plan

A repurposed wood pallet hallway tree is the best option when there is a need of furniture piece that can allow the space for the storage as well as for placing the decorative items for making the area look appealing. This will not occupy much space, but will surely store many items.

pallets wooden hallway tree

A room with more than one furniture piece created using the pallet looks awesome and here we have the proof, you can see the entryway table and closet placed in the area which is looking like decorated by a professional.

pallets made entryway table and closet

Another design for the hallway tree plan is here, it has many drawers and the space to set the decorative items for adorning the home. It is a good idea to get extra space to store the products, the mess will not make the home look bad when everything is organized in the drawers.

pallets hallway tree plan

Now here is a small sized hallway table with drawers, it is also a great idea to create for the place in the home with no any other furniture piece. The decorative items can be placed over the table for making it look stylish along with the space that looks bad when left empty.

pallets hallway table with drawers

We have added many ideas for the entryway table plan creation here because we want to give options to the homeowners when choosing the design and they can easily select the idea which they feel will suit their place the best.

pallets entryway table plan


pallets desk with drawers


pallet chest of drawers cum bench


pallets table with drawers

We know that there are many reading lovers and they need a space to organize their books, so we have added this idea of bookshelf creation in this list. The bookshelf will not look as created at home because the pallets are smooth and they give a neat look.

recycled pallets bookshelf
Created & Shared by: Beuz Bafouille

Now here we have an idea which will not give a clue to the viewer what it contains, it is a cable spool bar idea with the space in its center to place the wine bottles for the drinking purpose with the friends; but keeping it away from the reach of the kids.

reused pallet cable spool bar idea
Created & Shared by: Apleskataskeues

We can never forget to add an idea for the kids, so here it is and the idea is attractive because the reclaimed wood pallet playhouse is adorned with the planters of bright colors which grabs the attention of everyone who passes by the playhouse.

recycled pallets kids playhouse
Created & Shared by: Mathéo Boyer

A house looks amazing when every corner is decorated even the area under the stairs, so here we have shown an idea which will surely make your house give a unique look. The art work around stairs is looking awesome and it is a good idea for the homeowner with the love for art.

pallets art work around stairs
Created & Shared by: Palettophile

There is a need of storage in every home due to which we never forget to add any idea that allow extra storage, see the chest of drawers and it is simple due to which it is easy to copy within a few days to place inside the room or in an empty space of the home.

wooden pallet chest of drawers
Created & Shared by: Pia Paletti

There are many people who love to adorn the home with the beauty of nature from inside, so they can copy this idea of planter ladder that will allow placing many plants on it for making the area colorful with the beautiful flowers.

wood pallet planter ladder
Created & Shared by: Oficina de Palete

For the small kitchen with a small space to create the cabinets and the sink, this idea is awesome as the walls are utilized for the storage purpose. See how the pallets are used to create the repurposed wood pallet kitchen shelves and place the crockery safely on them.

kitchen sheves out of pallets
Created & Shared by: Angelika Rastig

We have presented an idea here with which the walls can be decorated, the wall cladding is looking amazing and it is a great idea to copy for making the home look distinctive. Only one wall decorated with the pallets is enough to make the room look great.

DIY wood pallet wall cladding
Created & Shared by: Pallet Dzine and Decor

The pallets don’t work great when they are used for adorning the home, they also look awesome when they are utilized for making a commercial place look attractive for which we have added an image as a proof. If anyone owns a commercial place, then it is a great idea to copy.

wood pallet furniture and wall art
Created & Shared by: UpCycly

The ideas that serve for multiple purposes are great because they assist in saving the space, so here is the idea of trunk cum table creation which allows space to store the items as well as using the table for serving the meal and no one can judge its other purpose.

pallets wooden trunk cum table
Created & Shared by: Dianelis Cobo

Now we are in the garden to show an idea with which the garden can be adorned as well as arrange a seating area to enjoy with the friends. The pallets are painted dark brown for this upcycled wood pallet garden furniture creation and the fabric for the seats is shocking pink, the contrast is amazing.

wooden pallets garden furniture
Created & Shared by: Palets & Diseños

In the end, we would like to present another idea for the planter creation to make the garden attractive. See the idea and copy it for which the pallets are needed to be painted with white color to make it look sober. The plant and flower of any color will look awesome when planted in it.

repurposed wood pallet planter
Created & Shared by: Birgit Dolle


pallet pc table idea
Created & Shared by: PalletBrighton

Kitchen is the most important area of every home, which needs to be managed and organized because the family members go there to refresh and have a meal. See the idea of kitchen plan to make it unique with the creation of cabinets for the storage purpose and they will also help in keeping the things organized.

wood pallet made kitchen plan
Created & Shared by: Samuel Vermassen

The TV launch is the place in the home, which is for relaxing and the individuals love to watch their favorite TV serials while sitting there; so the place should be attractive and refreshing with unique decoration idea like this art for LCD.

pallet wall art for lcd
Created & Shared by: Carlos Guzmán

Here is shown the image of a bar just to show how the wood pallets are utilized for creating the bar and saving the money. Can anyone say it is not giving a great look? It is great for a bar owner to use the pallets to decorate as well as fulfill the serving needs.

recycled wooden pallet bar project
Created & Shared by: Frank Agarratealamata

Need an idea to arrange seating on the patio? Have a look at the patio terrace plan and copy it if you feel this will make your area look awesome and the family members will love to spend time there. This will not take many days in completion.

diy wood pallet patio terrace plan
Created & Shared by: Rosijo Leterrier

We know that there are many individuals who love to make their home look distinctive, so we never forget to add the ideas like this reclaimed wood pallet arbor idea for making the entrance amazing. This is easy to create by attaching the pallets and without wasting time on cutting them stylishly.

repurposed wood pallet arbor
Created & Shared by: Ismael Lopez

The people who are looking for unique ideas for the décor, here is the decor shelving idea which is not hard to copy and it will give enough space to place the decorative items as well as organizing the things of daily use to avoid the mess in the area.

pallet decor shelving idea
Created & Shared by: Recycle Me Creations

The creative minds can add the storage option in almost everything that is used in a home, so here you can see the bed with storage idea. The whole area under the bed can be used for the storage by copying this idea.

diy wood pallet bed with storage
Created & Shared by: Leo Leonardo

As we have said earlier, a person can add a storage option in anything that is created at home; so here is another idea with the storage area. See the design of the hallway tree with storage box and copy it if you need extra storage space as well as a place to hang the things.

pallets hallway tree with storage box


wooden pallet garden cabin
Created & Shared by: Tim Mercer

Now here is a table with the storage and the pallets are painted black for this idea, the handles used are black and white due to which they are appearing amazing. The idea can be copied for the living room with the need of storage.

recycled palllet table
Created & Shared by: Wood Manufactory

If anyone is searching for an idea to make the balcony safe, then here it is. This idea of repurposed wood pallet balcony fence creation is easy to copy and it will make the area secure for the kids. The border is black and the pallets are skin, the combination is great.

pallet balcony fence
Created & Shared by: Jerome Desvaux

Many people think the garden can only look great with the flowers and the plants, but there are many other ideas to make it look awesome like this garden terrace on which the furniture can be placed for seating to refresh the mind after the long tiring week of working.

recycled wood pallet garden terrace
Created & Shared by: Alain Le Gentil Demon

Here we are going to show multiple items for a single room made up of wood pallets. This is a great idea of pallet work to save the money, which otherwise need to be spent on buying the furniture. This will not demand much time and will not take too much money as the pallets are inexpensive.

recycled pallets works
Created & Shared by: Carole Monteiro Favereau


reused pallet planter
Created & Shared by: Alegría Hernández Isaí

idea for the kids, see the funky colored playhouse which is perfect if there are girls in the home. They will love to complete their homework to get time for playing in the house, so copy this idea for them.

repurposed wood pallet playhouse
Created & Shared by: Samuel Clause

The furniture is something that is a need of every home and if it is created for the areas outside the home like the patio, then it is great because it gives a special arranged seating place where one can enjoy with the family members on the weekends.

wood pallet patio furniture
Created & Shared by: David Dusses

Have a look at the reclaimed wood pallet Strandkorb chair for the couple, there is a shade over it which makes it possible to enjoy the rainy day while sitting outside the home. The chair will not take much time in completion and it is on the wheels, so shifting it anywhere is easy.

wood pallet Strandkorb
Created & Shared by: Tati Büffel

There are many people with the love for bbq, so we have added this idea of creating a bbq table with the special space to prepare the meal when there are guests in the home or the friends are invited for the party.

wooden pallet bbq table
Created & Shared by: Isabelle Yo

The seating arrangement should be outside the home in the places like the lawn or the patio because it is mandatory to refresh the mind on the weekends to start the week with a fresh mind. So, see this idea of patio lounge creation and copy it if you have the space in the home.

wood pallet patio lounge
Created & Shared by: Titi Le Borgne Jenie

Walls should not be left empty when the area of the home is less and there is not enough space to place the decorative items like the lamps on the ground. Here is the idea shown on how you can use the repurposed wood pallet shelf art for adorning the room.

pallet shelf art
Created & Shared by: Juste Wood

Planter is a great idea to decorate the lawn, the planter if created with special technique can be placed inside the home like the one shown here. The planter will not create the mess inside the home and it will make the area look awesome with colorful flowers.

wood pallet planter
Created & Shared by: Michèle Cazeaux

The homeowners are mostly drinking lovers, so if there is a corner which is empty and can be created a drinking place; then here is the idea of bar plan presented. You can see how many bottles can be placed in the rack and the look of the place.

recycled pallets bar plan
Created & Shared by: Joo RD


pallets made dog food bowl
Created & Shared by: Bruno le Goff

Patio is a place with the open air and it is great to be decorated with the furniture to sit with the loved ones because it is necessary to give them time to show you care for them. Here is the patio couch on wheels idea for the seating arrangement.

reused pallets wood patio couch on wheels

Now we are going to show an idea which is perfect for a house with less space to place the bed separately for every kid, but there is no need to take tension as this idea of bed frame under stairs can be copied.

wood pallet bed frame under stairs

TV stand is a mandatory piece for the TV launch because there is a need of something that can accommodate the TV and the items that related to it. The idea we have shown here is unique as it also offers space for storage of the items that are used in TV launch.

pallets wood tv stand idea

Here is another idea for placing the TV with the products that operate linking to TV, this repurposed wood pallet media stand is amazing because it is large in width to place the items beside the TV and the decoration pieces can also be placed neat the TV.

giant media stand out of pallets

This is cable reel furniture because the table is round in shape as the reel and the chairs are placed around it for the seating of 4 individuals. It is a great idea to place in the open air for enjoying meal there with the family.

pallet and cable reel furniture

Here is an innovative headboard idea with the spaces to place the decorative items with the products of daily use, there is no need to place the side tables when this idea is copied and in this way it helps in saving the space in the bedroom.

wood pallet headboard idea

Bar table idea is here which is created with the unique design; there is enough space to place the bottles inside the table. There is space inside the table to store the bottles and no one can judge that there are bottles inside it. The space can accommodate dozens of bottles.

pallets bar table idea

Now see the shipping pallet made chair with the leg rest which allow comfortable seating. This can also be utilized for pedicure because it allows space for placing the feet to access them easily. The chair is great to be placed in the lawn for relaxing in the fresh air and the pallets can be colored.

pallets made chair

Here we have presented an idea for the kids; they will love to have this table in their home which helps them in completing their homework comfortably. There is a blackboard to work and for playing as well which makes this idea interesting for the kids.

pallets kids study table


wooden pallets kids bed idea

Patio is the best area of the home to be decorated with the furniture to get a refreshing place for seating or for partying with the friends at home. So, here we have shown it as the first idea with which it will be easy to create the patio furniture.
wood pallet patio furniture idea

Not only the pallets are useful because they can create innovative small items or small pieces of furniture, they can also be utilized for creating huge things like this bar. The pallets are painted with different colors and they are giving it an attractive look.

repurposed wood pallet bar

Have a look at the reclaimed wood pallet rustic entryway table from front and the back side, the back is simple and the colors are used for making the front of the table appealing. There are storage spaces of different sizes for keeping the items safe.

wooden pallet rustic entryway table

The art crafts are great to adorn the home in a unique way, so here we have added an idea for creating a candle art craft which you can see how amazing it is looking. The pallets are cut in round shape to adjust the candle which is not much difficult to copy.

wood pallet candle art craft

Creating the shelves is a good way to avoid creating the mess on the floor, so here is the idea for creating the wall shelf out of pallets wood which will also make the area look amazing with the space on the wall to place the decorative items.

wall shelf out of pallets wood

Kids like to have a special place in the home where they can play, so look at the cubby house idea for them. They will love to play there with the siblings and the roof of the house is created with the metal sheet to keep it protected for playing.

pallets wooden cubby house

The idea we are going to show here is unique because it will cover the whole wall, the TV can be fixed on the place and it will appear great above the pallet wall of light brown color. There are places for placing the decoration pieces to make the area appealing for the guests.

pallets wall art for tv

A repurposed wood pallet cabinet will work awesome if there is an issue of the storage space, here is the idea for creating the shelving cabinet with the spaces closed and open for placing the crockery and other kitchen utensils if it is copied for that important area of the home.

pallets shelving cabinet


pallets made single bed with side table


recycled pallets closet


recycled pallet furniture


pallets garden couch plan


pallets entryway table plan


recycled pallet dog bed

Terrace is a place in the home, which is perfect to be decorated for seating because the open air refreshes the mind and it is good to sit with the family on the weekends at a refreshing place. Here is the terrace furniture which is easy to create and it is perfect for adorning the home.

pallets garden terrace furniture
Created & Shared by: Palettes and so

Dining table is a of every home because there is a need of arranged place to have meal 3 times a day, so here is an idea for dining table creation which is perfect for 4 individuals. This idea can also be copied for lunch in an office.

repurposed wood pallet dining table
Created & Shared by: L’atelier de romane

Now here you can see how the wood pallets are used for the protection purpose, they are used for creating a door as well as other items that enhances the safety, so how can individuals think the pallets as garbage?

pallets wooden doors and wall plan
Created & Shared by: Enrique Nombela

The TV launch needs a media cabinet because there is TV which needs to be placed at a proper place with the items that links to it like the video games, so here we have presented the reclaimed wood pallet media cabinet that is simple in looks. It will surely make you area look amazing.

reclaimed pallets media cabinet
Created & Shared by: Esprit Loft Recup

If the garden is spacious, then it is foolish to leave it as it is because the wood pallets if used with creativity can make the area comfortable for sitting as well as enjoying party with the friends. See the garden terrace and copy it if you are a party lover.

diy wooden pallets garden terrace
Created & Shared by: Magali Barbier

There are some homes with the huge room with no privacy and we know that sometimes the privacy is required, so here we have shown an idea of space divider creation. This is painted with multiple colors which are making it look outstanding.

pallets space divider project
Created & Shared by: Sergio Arriola Roque

People think that flowers alone can decorate a garden well, but it is good to have something like this planter in the garden for the impressive look. There is a space to place 3 different species of plants for making the area look attractive with colorful flowers all around placed in the planters.

pallets planter idea
Created & Shared by: Karolin LineLu

The ideas created with repurposed wood pallets like the one shown here makes the house give a unique look. You can see it yourself how this idea is adding grace to the area and the TV can be easily fixed on it. There are spaces to place the DVD players as well as other items.

diy pallet wall art plan
Created & Shared by: Giovanni Alessandra

There are many people around the world, who love gardening and potting; so we can’t miss to add an idea for them which allows them to keep their potting items organized. This garden potting stand with drawers gives enough space for the storage of the potting products.

pallets garden potting stand with drawers
Created & Shared by: Marion Staerk-Lueking

Now see an innovative idea that will amaze you, the wall art with the lighting is giving a great look even when the pallets are not painted. The wall is looking great because the pallets have made it appear different than usual walls in the homes.

diy wooden pallet wall art
Created & Shared by: Rogerio Borges

Here is the picture of how the appearance of the pallets is changed by painting it. They are brown and when they are colored with white hue, they started giving a look that the item is created by a professional. This idea can be copied without facing any difficulty as it is simple.

wooden pallets made dog stairs bed
Created & Shared by: Luis Valenzuela Quinzacara

We can never forget to show how you can create a seating place in the open air, which can be utilized for refreshing the mind to break the monotonous routine. Here is the gazebo patio terrace idea which is not only great in look, but also unique to host a party for the old buddies.

wood pallets gazebo patio terrace
Created & Shared by: BB Palettes & Deco
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