Awesome Ideas To Recycle Shipping Wood Pallets

There are many materials which are easy to modify and they make impressive items if the mind of the creator is creative. It is not always necessary to decorate the home with the items available in the decoration shops or to purchase the furniture from the furniture store because it is impossible to make the home impressive by setting it with the products that every other person can get easily. So, we would love to show you our collection of creative ideas with recycled shipping pallets that you will love to copy for the impressive decoration of your home.

Let us start with a spacious area created using the pallets, here you can see the pallet made terrace on which there is seating arrangement as well as a long planter. The whole area is looking awesome and it is not hectic to copy this idea.

recycled pallets made terrace
Created & Shared by: Il y a une vie après la palette

Now see a huge repurposed wood pallet bar idea, it contains space to store the items which is covered by the door. There are also small boxes to fit the wine bottles. It is great to be copied for the home if there are several individuals who love to drink and live together.

recycled wooden pallet bar plan
Created & Shared by: Perfecting Imperfection

Here is another good idea to create a bar, it is simple and is perfect if someone wants to start a small bar business. The stools are also created using the wood pallets, so the whole set can be created by investing a small amount of money.

repurposed pallets bar
Created & Shared by: Horacio Duran

Now here is an idea for the garden, if a homeowner needs a place to enjoy the beauty of the nature; then this idea is the best to copy. The couch is joint and huge on which many individuals can sit. The table is small and is designed like a cable reel.

Pallets Garden Lounge Couch
Created & Shared by: Horcholle Rodolphe

A small upcycled wood pallet bar idea is presented, it is good if someone wants it for the home usage. It contains many areas to fix the bottles and the surface is plain to place the glasses. There is no need of paint to copy this idea.

pallet wooden bar idea
Created & Shared by: Mauricio Vargas

Patio if decorated well and furniture is placed on it can be used for enjoying the weather with the family, so here we are showing an idea to create a bench with the pallets and unique idea. The bench is comfortable to sit and relax the back.

pallet patio bench plan
Created & Shared by: Yves Gaigneux

The idea here is innovative with the innovatively shaped table and the bench. It is a great idea if there are many members in the family and they like to have a meal together while having a gossip session. This idea offers a great place to enjoy tea or coffee with friends.

reclaimed pallets patio deck furiture
Created & Shared by: Pallet furniture uk

We have shown many bar ideas, but this one is bar cabinet. It will not make the area look bad where it will be placed, it is better to copy this idea rather than placing the wine bottles everywhere in the home. Decorative items can be placed over the surface of the bar.

wooden pallet bar cabinet
Created & Shared by: E&J\’s Pallets Unlimited

The bed for the kids can be easily created at home, so we are sharing the idea. The bed is not much wide and it will not occupy much space in the room, it will make the area look awesome without showing it is created at home.

wooden pallet kids bed plan
Created & Shared by: Jérémy Michel

The garden will look attractive if it is decorated with flowers and herbs, a person can also adorn the area by creating decorative items by hand. Here is shown the reclaimed wood pallet pit for the garden idea which can make your lawn or garden impressive with the handmade items.

pallets pit for the garden
Created & Shared by: Carlos Galiano

Not only the decorative items or the photo frames can adorn the wall, the idea we are going to present is awesome and unique. The wall decor planter will make the look of the home impressive and it can be copied for any area of the home.

wood pallet wall decor planter
Created & Shared by: Joe Soto

Table of many designs and styles are available in the market, but only the ones created at home can make the home look different. So, we would like to show a uniquely designed table, which is created using the wood pallets. The surface of the table is not designed as of usual tables, which are available in the furniture stores. Attention is needed to copy this idea, but it is worth paying attention.

repurposed pallets table idea
Created & Shared by: Palettes et Récup\’

There are many people, who love gardening and decorating the pots for adorning their lawn. So, here we are going to present a garden potting table which allows placing and hanging the pots for making the garden adorable with the colorful pots.

wood pallet garden potting table
Created & Shared by: Laurent Bepirszcz

Here is a unique idea for creating sunbath lounger with pallets, it contains the wheels under it so a person can carry it anywhere in the lawn. It is not hard to create because the pallets don’t need to be painted and they are to be joint straight as they are.

sunbath lounger with pallets
Created & Shared by: Rachel Rob

People mostly love to serve barbeque to the guests when they arrange a party at home, so if you are one of those; then creating this repurposed wood pallet barbecue table is a perfect idea because it allows place to cook it anytime a person hosts a party.

reused pallets barbecue table
Created & Shared by: Sophie Gambetas

Isn’t the area is looking nice with the gray colored theme furniture? The outdoor can be adorned like this in every home by modifying the wood pallets. The table contains the space under it to place the items which a person requires while enjoying with the family or the friends.

garden patio furniture out of wood pallets
Created & Shared by: Dali Dalou

If someone is looking for an idea to create a single bed for the room, then here it is. The headboard and the border of the bed frame is painted blue, while the remaining frame is not painted and the pallets are left without the paint because it is a space which will be covered with the mattress.

repurposed pallets bed frame
Created & Shared by: S.L.-Loftart

Not many people prefer to create small items like the serving tray at home, but this idea will inspire everyone who will be served through it. The wood pallet serving tray contains specific place to fix the glass to prevent slipping.

wood pallets serving tray
Created & Shared by: Esprit Des Palettes

Now come to an idea to fulfill the table need in a TV launch, this idea contains drawers to store the items and also has a space on the sides of the drawers under the surface of the table to place the decorative items. It is a good idea to save money and showing your skills.

repurosed pallets table
Created & Shared by: Delphine Fournier

Now here you can see how a wide home owner has utilized the space he/she has in the home, he has created a patio deck and cabin. The furniture is placed on the deck outdoors to enjoy the weather and the cabin can be used as a laundry.

pallet patio deck and cabin
Created & Shared by: Jean-francois Rindin

Here is a house for the pet hens and they will love your idea, the slide attached to the main door of the upcycled wood pallet hen house makes it easy for the hens to enter in their house which is specially created for them.

pallets made henhouse
Created & Shared by: Bruno Ducruet

It is a good idea for the office use where there is a need to arrange the seating area for the visitors. This idea can also be copied for the home and can be placed outdoor if there is a need of something to sit outside the home to enjoy the fine day on the weekend.

recycled pallets wood bench
Created & Shared by: Anderson Vanin

At the end, we would like to show you a king size bed frame plan, which is simple in looks. It is painted white, due to which it is looking sober. There is a small box attached to both sides of the bed to place the items and it eliminates the need of placing separate side tables.

wood pallet bed frame plan
Created & Shared by: Pal-Art reciclarte

Clothes wardrobe is something that is a necessity in every home and people mostly places it in the bedroom, so here we are showing an idea to create it with your own hands. There is no door on it, the whole wardrobe is open and there is a space for hanging the clothes.

pallets clothes wardrobe
Created & Shared by: Jacques Lahaye

Kitchen is an area where the storage space should be more than any other area of the home because there are a large number of items that need to be stored. So, here is reclaimed wood pallet kitchen cabinets idea which is looking great.

repurposed pallets made kitchen cabinets
Created & Shared by: Kayu Pallet Pine siap ketam

There are many amazing ideas into which the pallets can be restyled and one of them is presented here. It is making the entrance of the home outstanding, this patio wall planter idea is easy to copy just the pallets need to be arranged.

pallets patio wall planter
Created & Shared by: Pallets & Cia

Now here you can see how the pallets can be utilized for creating the entrance of the home, the stairs with planters idea is making it different and only those home owners can make their home look great, who manage time to invest in making the stairs and the planters.

pallets made stairs with planters
Created & Shared by: Fred Eric

Here you can see another idea for the kitchen plan, the cabinets are created with recycled wood pallets and the kitchen is not looking weird. The surface of the pallets is smooth on which the items can be placed which are used regularly in the kitchen.

wood pallets kitchen plan
Created & Shared by: Joe Palette & Co

For the patio, here is an idea which can arrange a place in the patio for enjoying a meal with the family or friends. The drinks can also be enjoyed there while enjoying the weather on a fine day. It will not take much time in completion; it can be created in one day.

pallet patio dining table
Created & Shared by: Recycle Me Creations

The huge lawn or garden can be decorated with this planter and a person can create as many as required for making the area adorable. It is a huge planter with the separation and a different flower can placed in each section.

wooden pallet planters
Created & Shared by: Laurent Bepirszcz

It is a good idea for a restaurant or for any business place where more than one trash bin is required and no one can judge that it is a trash bin because of its look. It is a repurposed wood pallet tilt out trash bin which is looking like a cabinet or entryway table.

Pallets Tilt Out Trash Bin
Created & Shared by: PalletWorks NB

Here you can see a furniture set of one table and 2 chairs, it is created with an innovative style. The chairs contain a space under the seating area for placing the products. It is a good idea to copy if the is just a couple living in a home.

wooden pallet furniture
Created & Shared by: Mario Alberto Pachado

Now look at an amazing idea for the decoration of the living room, it allows different sections to place the decorative items just like the frame you can see here. The books are placed in one section of the shelf which helps in keeping them organized.

pallet shelves
Created & Shared by:As tuas Paletes – Móveis Decoração Artesanato Restauros

A huge item like door can also be created using the wood pallets and we have a proof of it here. The door is looking like created by a professional and no one can say it is created at home after viewing its neatness. It can be painted with any color for the attractive look.

recycled wood pallet door
Created & Shared by: Laurent Bepirszcz

At the end, we would like to present an idea to create the upcycled wood pallet entryway table of light white color. The selection of the hue is awesome for the sober look and the table contains ample space to place the items. The edges of the table are covered with metallic material, which is adding grace to it.

pallets entryway table
Created & Shared by: Atelier 89

Most of the individuals think that they can only create the deck outside the home like in the garden or lawn; but it’s not true and we have a proof here. The indoor deck can be seen here and it is looking neat as the marble floor.
pallets little indoor deck

Now see an idea for the seating arrangement in the lawn, here is a hexagonal shaped table with the attached seating area. You can see a small hole in the center of the table which is for fitting the umbrella. It is easy to create for which the pallets need to be cut with attention.
pallets garden seating idea

Those who love the natural beauty can arrange a kitchen in the patio for which here is an amazing repurposed wood pallet patio kitchen and sink idea. There is a space under the sink to store the kitchen items. There are spaces with door as well for storage purpose.
pallets patio kitchen and sink

We love to present the ideas for the kids, so here is another idea which can be copied for adorning the room of the kids. The pallets are painted with green color to make the area attractive, the wall color is white; so the green is looking appealing on it.
recycled pallet shelves

Here is an idea which serves 2 purposes, first it is for the seating and secondly; items can be stored in it under the seating area. There is ample space to place the items which are not used often and no one can judge that the bench contains space for storage.
pallet wood bench with storage

Another idea for kid’s mud kitchen out of pallets is shown here, there is a sink and the store fitted in it. The pallets are not painted to create this idea, but they can be painted if required or your kids want it painted to look funky.
kids mud kitchen out of pallets

This idea of upcycled wood pallet kitchen shelf idea can be copied if the person wants to adorn the kitchen in a unique way. The pallets are painted with light blue color according to the taste of the creator and it can be painted with any other color as well.
pallet kitchen shelf idea

Simple bed frame idea is presented here, it is easy to copy and not much needs to be invested to copy this idea because the pallets need to be joined together without cutting them creatively. The headboard is square, but the piece is looking nice. Everyone will praise the idea for making it by hand.
reclaimed pallets bed frame

Here is an idea for a huge kitchen, it will eliminate the need of purchasing cabinets and getting them installed as a person can create the kitchen cabinet at home. It is a long cabinet with the sinks fitted in it. The pallets are not expensive, so it can be created at low cost.
repurposed wooden pallet kitchen cabinet

Shelf is something which can decorate the home innovatively by placing the appealing items on it; this idea of shelf can be copied for the kitchen as well. You can see the spice bottles placed on it, it will save the space to place them on the cabinet.
repurposed pallet shelf

In the end, we would like to present an idea which is great for any area in the home. The shipping pallet cabinet will look great in the TV launch, bedroom and in the kitchen also. So, the storage need can be fulfilled by creating a piece like this one.
wood pallet cabinet

Pallets never fail to impress others because they can be reshaped into almost anything for any area; here you can see the reclaimed wood pallet rustic sink. It is making the bathroom look amazing and there are drawers as well to store the items of bathroom in an organized way.

rustic sink plan with pallets
Created & Shared by: Palettophile

For those, who want a unique looking bed; here is the bed frame without the legs. The bed support is small wood pallet boxes and the bed is a little bit above the floor. The foam is fitted inside the space between the raised pallet border.

reused pallet bed frame
Created & Shared by: S.L.-Loftart

Now here is a wardrobe idea, it contains the space to display the items and drawers as well. Small items and the jewelry can be stored in the drawers. The items that are not used on a daily basis can be placed in the upper level where the sections are created.

pallet wardrobe idea

We have shown you an idea for the bed frame earlier and now here is the idea of creating the repurposed wood pallet headboard with side tables. It is painted gray and the side tables contain multiple drawers to store the items like the night lotion and other products of daily use, so they can be accessed easily.

pallets headboard with side tables

Vanity is the most important furniture piece in a girl’s room and it is not necessary to buy it with the design that is not liked by the person when it can be created at home. See the vanity created with the pallets after painting them white, there is also a stool as it is a full set.

reclaimed wood pallet vanity
Created & Shared by: Pallet Works

Pets are valuable as every member of the family, so they should be treated in the special way to show their importance. Here we have an idea with which a dog owner can provide him a special place to live.

repurposed wood pallet dog house
Created & Shared by: Didier Devocelle

It is an easy idea for creating table for the patio because the pallets need to be cut in round for creating recycled wood pallet cable reel patio table. There are multiple layers for placing the items and it can be used for the dining purpose outside the home.

repurposed pallet cable reel patio table
Created & Shared by: Meik U. Kerstin Weber

The crates made up of pallets in which the fruits are packed can also be used again for the creative art and here is an example of it. This is a little house made with pallet fruit crates and it is looking nice, it is perfect for the decoration of the home.

little house made with pallet fruit crates
Created & Shared by: Alain de Schryder

Entryway table is the best selection to decorate an area where there is nothing to place, the decoration pieces can be placed on its surface and the space beneath the surface with the doors can be used for storage of the items.

wood pallet entryway table
Created & Shared by: Pascal Novi

Here is another idea for the bathroom decoration, any person who wants his/her bathroom look unique can copy this idea for sink mirror fitting and getting the shelves to place the items used in the bathroom. This idea will also save the money and adorn the bathroom in an impressive way.

sink mirror ot of pallets with shelves
Created & Shared by: Apleskataskeues blog

Look at the adorable idea for the kids, it is easy to copy and the wheels as the wheels are ready-made. The pallets can be painted with any color for the attractive look of the upcycled wood pallets made kids play car. The combination is looking perfect and it can be made funky as well.

pallets made kids play car
Created & Shared by: Alain de Schryder

The ideas for which the wood pallets can be restyled are unlimited and it depends on the creativity of the individuals. In the end, we would like to present the artistic work with wooden pallets, which every person can do as just the inexpensive pallets are required for the creative items and for the impressive artwork.

artistic work with wooden pallets
Created & Shared by: Teo Ferrer Salvador

If anyone is looking for an idea to start a small bar business, then it is a good step to create the bar at home for which the wood pallets are best to use. Here is a good idea for creating a recycled wood pallet bar with the seating arrangement.

recycled wood pallet bar
Created & Shared by: Frédéric Soula

Shelves work well when there is not much space to adorn the area by placing the decorative items on the ground, so here is a wood pallet decor shelf art idea for which the pallets are required to be joined straight.

wood pallet decor shelf art
Created & Shared by: Pallet Trendz

Now here we are going to show you an awesome idea for creating two items of daily use with the pallets, shoe rack and clothes hanger. They are needed in every home and making these with this idea will save money as the wood pallets are not costly.

pallet shoe rack and clothes hanger
Created & Shared by: Michael Raso

For the TV launch, this idea of creating a classic pallet coffee table is amazing. It is covered with glossy paint and the shine is adding grace to the table. There is storage space under the surface of the repurposed wood pallet to place small items like TV remote controller.

classic pallet coffee table
Created & Shared by: Recycle Me Creations

For those who have a huge lawn or patio, here we have presented a great wooden pallet garden terrace idea with the proper seating arrangement with the shade, so a person can enjoy during the summer season as well. It can be copied if the person likes to enjoy outdoor with the family.

wooden pallet garden terrace idea
Created & Shared by: Rodrigo Bernal

Bed is not an inexpensive furniture piece, so making it at home can save a lot of money and will allow adding the extra spaces like the drawers and the storage space you can see at the end of the bed under foot area. It is a good idea to copy for the kids.

recycled wooden pallet bed
Created & Shared by: PalletWorks NB

Here is a unique idea of creating a recycled wood pallet table at home with a little bit of glass added to its surface. The items can be placed under the surface of the table as there is a proper place for placing the items created in this idea.

wooden pallet table idea
Created & Shared by: Wood Manufactory

A chest of drawers is badly required in a home with many kids because they have many small items they want to store for eliminating the risk of missing them. There are small as well as big drawers in the chest for placing different sized objects.

recycled pallets chest of drawers

pallets made table
Created & Shared by: Paletten Design

Now here we are going to present an idea to decorate the lawn of the home for which you can see an innovative idea to create the planters. Aren’t they looking nice? They will surely make your garden look awesome with the stylish planters you can create at home with your own hands.

repurposed wood pallet decor planters
Created & Shared by: EPoH MM

In the end, we would love to share an idea for creating patio wood pallet lounge couch for comfortable seating in the open area and enjoying the weather. There is a small space to place the snacks or drinks. The couch is painted black and the seat is white, the combination is amazing and a person can change the combination according to the demand.

patio pallet wood loung couch
Created & Shared by: Gines Arias Sandiumenge

We would like to show you an idea for the decoration of the bedroom, which will surely make your special area look unique. Here is a wooden pallet bed headboard idea with the lights installed.

wooden pallet bed headboard plan
Created & Shared by: L\’atelier d\’adri

The pallet TV cabin at wall idea is great not only because it allows a place to fix the TV, but it will also adorn the wall. There are spaces in which the items linked to the TV can be placed and there is no need to place something special to place them near the TV.

pallet tv cabin at wall
Created & Shared by: Móveis de Paletes

Here is an idea which shows that wood pallets don’t only work for fulfilling the need inside the home, but they can also be used for business purpose. The pallets are restyled into a bar and it is looking nice.

pallets wooden patio bar
Created & Shared by: Hèctor Monterrosa

Now we are going to present an idea for the kids, which allow a space to play as well as have a meal. Look at the repurposed pallet wooden kids play sandox idea, it is painted black and can be painted with any bright color to make it attractive.

pallet wooden kids play sandox idea
Created & Shared by: Ameublement Palette

If someone is looking for an idea to hang the clothes other than the wardrobe, then here it is. The pallet hangers storage wardrobe idea is unique and it can be created for the bedroom, if the person doesn’t want to place a huge wardrobe in it and it will not occupy much space.

pallet hangers storage wardrobe
Created & Shared by: Z-eco meble z palet

Tables of many styles and designs are available in the market, but the one which a person creates at home is the best and no any other design can beat it. Here is an idea of simple but attractive pallets rustic table which can be placed in the dining room.

pallets ructic table
Created & Shared by: Ludovic Charpentier

Now come to an idea for storing the items of daily use and for placing the decorative items, the idea for creating a great entryway table is presented here. It contains the drawers as well as the space with glass doors for display. The display is making the table look amazing.

pallet entryway table plan
Created & Shared by: Palettophile

The idea presented here serves for 2 purposes as it allows a space to place the items and also for hanging the keys. A person can create it with his/her own hands if there is something he/she needs to take outside because it allows space to place the items near the door.

pallet rustic shelf and key holder
Created & Shared by: Roberto Garcia

The art lovers can copy this idea because it will not only allow them to show their creativity, but also makes their home attractive. The pallets are painted with different colors to make the upcycled wood pallet wall art appealing. They can be painted with funky colors as well.

repurposed pallet wood wall art
Created & Shared by: Kebo Pallets DIY

Here is another idea which can be copied for the business purpose; the counter desk can be created for the restaurant or bar. It contains the drawers to place the items of daily use and the pallets are painted with glossy finish to give it a professional look.

wood pallet counter desk
Created & Shared by: Kayu Pallet Pine siap ketam

For fulfilling the hanging needs, this pallet shelf with vintage style cast iron coat hooks is great to be created for home for the impressive decoration.

pallet shelf with Vintage style cast iron coat hooks
Created & Shared by: ReDiSign

There is no need to buy expensive kitchen cabinets and get them installed when you can create them at home by recycling wood pallets. They never look bad and are praised by every person who views them as made by the homeowner’s hands.

recycled wood pallet kitchen cabinets
Created & Shared by: OsnaYa Cesar

In the end, we would like to show you DIY wood pallet wall paneling idea and you can see how great it looks. It changes the overall look of the room, so it can be trued next time anyone wants to alter the look of his/her home.

diy wood pallet wall panelling
Created & Shared by: Beto Moreno
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