Plans for Recycle, Reuse, Reshape Used Wooden Pallets

Some people think that shipping pallets can just be used when there is a need of transferring the sensitive and fragile things because they are strong enough to keep them safe from the damage, which is not true because they can be reused once they fulfill their primary purpose. We love to show people how they can reuse the items after they are used once and how they can fulfill their requirement along with saving the money. Here we are going to present the ways to give shipping pallets a new look for fulfilling the demand in the home or outside it.

The garden of the home is an area, which can be decorated well for hosting a party if the person loves to invite the friends often. So, here is an idea to create reclaimed wood pallets garden deck floor to place the furniture which is needed for a party.

pallets garden deck floor idea 1
Created & Shared by: Palette de bois meuble

Now we have an idea which will not only offer a place to place the decoration pieces, storing the items and fitting the TV; but also makes the area look nice with the attractive piece of furniture painted with skin color.

pallets media cabinet plan 1
Created & Shared by: Kayu Pallet Pine siap ketam

Here is presented an idea to fulfill the seating need of TV launch, you can also copy this idea of creating repurposed wood pallet couch for outdoor if there much space to place this L-shaped couch. The cushion color combination is looking awesome with the fabric color selected for the seating foam.

repurposed pallet couch set 1
Created & Shared by: Kayu Pallet Pine siap ketam

The idea we are going to show you here is good to copy for the restaurant or bar need because it is huge and look professional for business usage. This idea of bra can also be copied for the home for which its size can be reduced.

pallets wooden made bar 1
Created & Shared by: Edwin Maldonado Aviles

In many cases, there is a need of something in a room on which the decoration pieces need to be placed for proper decoration. As you can see this wood pallet shelving cabinet is used for placing the books as well and they are not looking weird, so it is a good idea for organizing items of daily use properly.

pallets shelving cabinet plan 1
Created & Shared by: Angie Tardiveau

Here are 2 furniture pieces for the TV launch, which will eliminate the need of placing anything else for placing the items of the area because it is a TV stand wall and shelving for fixing the TV and placing the decorative items to adorn the area.

pallet tv stand wall and shelving 1
Created & Shared by: Hector N Yadira Aguilar

Another idea for creating a recycled wood pallets TV stand with the space to place the items linked to TV like the video game or DVD player beside it. It is a unique idea which will surely make the area look impressive with the handmade furniture.

recycled pallets tv stand 1
Created & Shared by: Kahuamo Zevahc

If someone is looking for an idea of creating a table to use as a workstation, then it is a good idea which will not occupy much space and can be placed in one corner. It is not weird in looks and will not make anyone feel like it is not created with professional hands.

pallets side table idea 1
Created & Shared by: Pallet Signs by Design

Presented here is an idea for creating a table for the dining room for the dining need or for the kitchen if a person likes to have a meal in the kitchen. It is a great idea to copy if the kitchen of the home is spacious because it will add to the grace of the idea.

repurposed pallet table 1
Created & Shared by: Mathieu Legris

We loved this idea of decorating the home with the handmade upcycled wood pallet patio fence with planters due to which we have added this in the list of the ways with which the shipping pallets can be used again.

wood pallet patio fence with planters 1
Created & Shared by: Eugène May

This idea is great if there is not much space to place more than 1 furniture piece in the TV launch because it will fulfill the need of placing the TV with the essential things including CD player and also the decoration pieces.

pallet media cabinet with attached shelves 1
Created & Shared by: Esprit Loft Recup

Pallet shelving cabinet idea presented here is enough to make an area look awesome because it offers ample space to place many items for the attractive look. The shelves are created with different width and length; they are not created equal to make the look unique. The pallets are not painted, but they are still looking great.

pallet shelving cabinet 1
Created & Shared by: Recycle Me Creations

No one can image how amazing things can be created with the wooden pallets until they see one of them, so we would like to start showing the outstanding ideas for which the pallets are restyled with this reclaimed wood pallets made deck. It can be used for having a meal outside the home and for a tea party as well.

wooden pallets made deck
Created & Shared by: Sébastien Michelini

Placing the furniture is not just the only thing which can be used for decorating the garden, the decorative items like the one shown here also work well in making a garden look awesome. It is a great pallets garden art idea to copy for the art lovers.

pallets garden art
Created & Shared by: Yannick Bach

Here is a simple idea for creating the recycled wood pallet patio garden furniture, it is not painted because the pallets used for creating the furniture is skin in color; which looks amazing as it is. The pallets can be colored if the person wants a funky decoration of the garden.

recycled pallet patio garden furniture
Created & Shared by: Benjamin Benji

Mostly people buy the trays for serving that are available at every other store, but those who want everything unique in their home; here is an idea for making a wood pallet serving tray with the slots for fixing the bottle and glass.

wood pallet serving tray
Created & Shared by: Pasión Por La Madera

Now we are going to show you another idea for adorning the garden, this is a bridge decoration piece and it is easy to copy. The pallets are painted brown to make the bright look prominent in the garden.

pallet creations for garden 2

pallet creations for garden
Created & Shared by: Bruno Ducruet

If the home is small and there is a need of the table with the seating arrangement, then this idea of making repurposed wood pallet table with stools is great. The table is diamond shaped and the stools are square, they don’t occupy much space, which you can see yourself.

wood pallet table with stools
Created & Shared by: Vaquero Villahdez

Now come to an idea which is not purely made up of pallets, the legs are ready-made and they are adding to the grace of the table which is simple in looks. The hollow space is left for storing the items, which can create a mess if placed over the table.

reclaimed pallet table
Created & Shared by: Kaz\’palette Design Creation

Sometimes, there is a need for something in a room for storing the products and placing the decoration pieces. So, this idea of wooden pallet table on wheels is good to copy. It is a small table with one drawer and it is painted white for the sober look.

recycled pallet table on wheels
Created & Shared by: Wood Manufactory

Look at another idea of creating a table with the ready-made legs. This idea is not hectic to copy and the time required to make it is not more than 2 days. The base and legs of the table are black; the combination of color is making the table look great.

reclaimed wooden pallet table
Created & Shared by: Kaz\’palette Design Creation

In the homes, where there is a pool; there is a special need of sitting area where the individuals can enjoy the drinks after taking a bath in the pool. So, the wooden pallets can be used for creating a sitting area beside the pool.

pallet works around pool
Created & Shared by: Rústico Arte En Palets

It is good to recycle wooden pallets if someone doesn’t want to invest, but want to make home give a different look. There are not too many homes where the items like the shelving idea shown here is present, so copy this idea to organize the items well and to make the home look unique with innovative items.

pallet shelving idea

pallet shelving idea 2
Created & Shared by: Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Now we are going to show you an idea which is perfect for the patio, it allows sitting as well as laying option. See the idea which can be used for enjoy the weather by sitting outside the home and a person can also sleep there if he/she loves the fine weather.

wooden pallet patio lounge furniture
Created & Shared by: Loreto Morell Parera. Muebles con palets.

If a person has a garden in his/her home, then it should not be ignored because it can be made beautiful with a little effort which includes reshaping the wood pallets into the idea we have shown here. You can see how amazing this garden furniture is looking.

pallets garden furniture
Created & Shared by: Loreto Morell Parera. Muebles con palets.

Decoration of a home is difficult if the person wants everything innovative and if the person knows the skill of reshaping the pallets, then it is good because a person can copy this idea of making wood pallet decor craft which is looking outstanding and we are sure you will not see it in any other home.

wood pallet decor craft
Created & Shared by: Pascal Rottet Décopalettes

In some homes, there is an empty small space; but it should not be left empty as there are many ideas to turn the area into sitting area. This idea of creating pallets made chairs is easy to copy and the chairs look simple as well as fulfill the needs of seating.

pallets made chairs idea
Created & Shared by: Roberto Bolaños

If someone is looking for an idea which doesn’t require investing a huge amount of money for fulfilling the requirement of a table in the dining room, then it is a good idea for creating an upcycled wood pallets dining set.

upcycled pallets dining set
Created & Shared by: Aurelio Vicente

There are many ideas which fulfill the need of something beside the bed to place the items of daily use, here we are going to show you another idea with which you can create a rustic side table and you can also paint it if you want it to match the color of the bed.


rustic pallet side table idea
Created & Shared by: Ricky HG

Pets should be taken care of when they are taken at home and people should give them a proper place to live just like this dog house. The dog at your home with surely loves your idea of creating a house for him/her. It doesn’t require much effort and everyone will praise the idea.

pallets wooden dog house
Created & Shared by: Kelly Mauduit

It is not necessary to place as many furniture pieces in a home as required for studying, working and decorating. The idea we have presented here of wooden pallet table cum shelving cabinet is great to be used for multiple purposes which saves the space.

pallet wood table cum shelving cabinet
Created & Shared by: Horacio Duran

The table here is easy to create because the pallets don’t need to be restyled by cutting them in a design; they need to be used straight as they are. The paints of different colors can be selected according to your choice for the funky look of the table.

rustic pallet table
Created & Shared by: Pablo Santiago Noto

There are flowers in the garden which makes it look good, but they are not enough if a person wants to adorn the garden uniquely; so here is the idea of wooden pallet decor planters which can be created at home for the different look of the garden.

wood pallet decor planters
Created & Shared by: Jacky Cerato

There should be a special bar table in the home, if the person likes to drink and serve to the friends. There is no need to buy it from the market as one can create it at home with the idea of reclaimed wood pallet patio bar table presented here. It contains the space to fix the glass under the surface, which makes this idea great.

wood pallet patio bar table
Created & Shared by: Delaware Pallet Creations

If there is a need of something to place TV, but there is not much space in the room; then this idea of making pallets TV table at home is good because it is easy to create for which just the restyling of wood pallets is required.

pallets tv table
Created & Shared by: SteynsWork PalletFuniture

Whenever we make a list of the ideas of recycling wood pallets, we prefer to add an idea for the patio because we want everyone to decorate the patio and enjoy the weather. Here is a unique idea of creating pallet patio deck with furniture.

pallet patio deck with furniture
Created & Shared by:  Joel Burro

Placing the bench of usual design never adds up to the value of the area because everyone has viewed the style many times in different houses, so we are here with the amazing and stylish bench idea; which is perfect to make the area look unique.

wooden pallet bench idea
Created & Shared by:  Kayu Pallet Pine siap ketam

If someone wants a safe place for the infant for sleeping which can be placed beside the king side bed, then here is the idea to create the wood pallet attached bed, it can be transferred anywhere if required as it is light in weight and it also contains a space to place the items of the infant like shown in the image.

pallet bed attached bed for little kids
Created & Shared by:  Arte en Palets

The wood pallet is the best material to reshape because they give a fine look, which you can see in the picture with the entryway table. When it comes to fulfilling the storage need, then there are drawers and the space with door to store big items as well.

wood pallet entryway table plan
Created & Shared by:  Jyves De Dompierre

For the individuals, who love to decorate their home with everything they have; then we have an idea here for creating an indoor wall bar. There is a piece hanged to the wall and the remaining piece is placed on the floor.

pallet indoor wall bar idea
Created & Shared by:  Gabriel Böhle

The usual round or square shaped tables don’t look, if a person wants to adorn the home in a different way; then there is a need of placing unique items. Here we have shown the repurposed wood pallet cable reel side table, which is round; but half.

pallet cable reel side table plan
Created & Shared by:  Kaz\’palette Design Creation

We love to show the wood pallets reshaping ideas with the hidden storage, so here is a great idea of creating pallet table with the storage and no one can judge that there is a space where the items can be placed to avoid the mess in the room.

repurposed pallet table with storage
Created & Shared by:  Paletten Jonny Möbel aus Europaletten

Rustic storage cabinet idea is shown here, it is a unique looking storage cabinet with the open as well as closed area. One can place the decoration pieces in the open area and can place the items in the covered area; which are not for placing opening like the items that are not used often.

pallet rustic storage cabinet
Created & Shared by:  Adam Uhrich

A side table never looks complete if it doesn’t contain drawers or a space with doors because a side table should allow placing the small as well as big items, which is its main purpose. So, here you can see the idea of creating a side table which can store different sized objects.

upcycled wood pallet side table plan
Created & Shared by:  Carole Fioretti

It is not always necessary to create the boring furniture for the patio; one can make it colorful with the use of funky colors like the idea shown here. There is a table and the seating area created with the pallets and painting them with an attractive color combination.

pallet colorful patio furniture
Created & Shared by:  Cris Brouck

People usually go for common setting idea, which makes their home look boring. We always try to show the ideas of recycling wood pallets which can make the home look appealing. This pallet wall art for TV is an innovative idea, which is easy to copy.

pallet wall art for tv
Created & Shared by:  Romain Emonet

There are some ideas, which helps in displaying the items like crockery in a good way and it eliminates the requirement of hiding the items at home in the storage spaces available. If you are one of the individuals looking for an idea to display, then copy this pallet wardrobe idea.

pallet wardrobe idea
Created & Shared by:  Perfecting Imperfection

Wood pallets are great because they not only fulfill the need of furniture at home, but can also be reshaped for the office or any other business purpose just like this idea of creating bar plan for the bar.

recycled pallet bar plan
Created & Shared by:  Christian Rodriguez

Now here we are going to show you a unique grill table idea, which also contains the cooler for enjoying cold drinks with the grilled food.

recycled pallet grill table idea
Created & Shared by:  Gustavo Rios

We know that kitchen also has the furniture requirement, so how can we forget to show the idea of creating something for the kitchen which fulfills the storage need? Have a look at the upcycled wood pallet kitchen island and you will love to copy it.

reclaimed pallet kitchen island
Created & Shared by:  Wood Junki

Tables usually contain 4 legs and the individuals who prefer to place them in their home, end up in making their home give a usual look. But this table can change the look of the area where it is placed, so if you are looking for an idea for making the area look different, then copy this one-legged table idea.

wood pallet table
Created & Shared by:  Rony Saldias Calzadillas

If anyone thinks that trash cans look bad when they are placed visibly, then here is an idea to cover them with the help of the pallets. The pallets will work great in covering the garbage cans and make the area look great.

Pallets Closet to trash operational
Created & Shared by:  Yoann Moulart

Rustic table with benches idea is here for fulfilling the seating demand outside your home; it can be used for having meal with the family on the weekends or enjoying party with friends.

pallet rustic table with benches
Created & Shared by:  Eric Françoise

Here is another style of bar idea, which can be copied for the bar need or for the home as well. It is simple in looks, but will surely make the area appealing.

reclaimed wood pallet bar
Created & Shared by:  Rony Saldias Calzadillas
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